Future Miner

Due to the present and forecasted talent supply challenges facing the Mining Industry we are consciously building relationships with new mining talent entering our unique sectors.

Where To Begin

The Construction Materials, Industrial Minerals and Mining sectors are evolving resulting in exciting opportunities for graduates with less than 10 years of experience. Our goal is to be a resource for you in developing your career while keeping you connected to career growth opportunities as they develop.

Getting on the radar

The first step in staying on our radar for the latest opportunities is providing a detailed resume quantifying your experience and detailing your key achievements. We’ll have an open conversation on what you are looking for in reaching your career goals.

What our clients are looking for

While every search we conduct is unique to our individual clients needs, company culture, qualifications, industry knowledge; there are several key attributes that all our clients search for in developing tomorrows leadership. We look forward to discussing your strengths in these areas.

What are you looking for

We are committed to helping you achieve your career goals allowing us to introduce the highest level of future talent to the industries leaders within our sectors. Let us know what motivates you to make a change.

Staying connected

We are hear to build long-term relationships and a partnership in your career development. As you reach new achievements, new positions, additional education – keep us posted.